Maryland Handgun Permit Renewal Class (Wear and Carry)

Class Cost: $100 per person

Fee includes range fees, target, filing assistance and photo.
Fingerprints are no longer required for the Handgun Permit Renewal

Class Length: 8 hours, including range time for qualification course of fire
Classroom Location: The classroom is located in the Canton Community of Baltimore City.
Range Location:  We conduct the live fire training and qualification at either of two very convenient locations in Maryland.

Classroom Instruction Topics:

  • Rules For Safe Firearm Handling
  • Home Firearm Safety and Storage
  • Ammunition knowledge
  • Clearing Common Pistol Stoppages
  • Review of Maryland Firearms Laws
  • Use of Deadly Force
  • Aftermath of a defensive shooting
  • Interactions With Law Enforcement
  • Classroom Questions and Answers Session
  • Safety Review and Firearm and Gear Inspection
  • Draw Sequence and Clothing Considerations
  • Review of Qualification Course of Fire

Range Qualification:

  • Individual Student Range Qualification
  • Scoring of Targets
  • Students should bring at least 50 rounds of target ammunition
  • If you need assistance with ammunition, we can assist you prior to attending the class